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At this time I have 2 healthy middle aged adult swissys ready for adoption into their forever retirement homes.
Descriptions below:
River:  River is the whole package in a female swissy.  She is large boned,  conformationally correct and has a big blocky head.  She is five years old and she was bred by my friends at Kismet Swissys in PA.  She is a full sister to my beautiful Cromwell.    I am asking 300 dollars for her to cover spaying costs.   She is wonderful with people and gets along great with other male dogs.   She would do best in a home with older kids and adults.   She would have to be seperated from cats, small or female dogs.   Would be great if she had another dog to hang with.  She is crate trained and house trained. 
Pictures below.
Ben  Ben is pointed towards his AKC Championship.   Early on he battled Lymes disease and since then has been healthy.  Ben is one of my leading grandparents in my dog family pack    Most of my best dogs now go back to him.   He just turned five years old.  Ben is great with adults and older gentle young people.  He is very personable with his family pack.   He does NOT do well with other male dogs or small animals.  Ben is crate trained.  He could easily be turned into a couch potatoe.   I am asking 300 dollars for his adoption fee.   He will remain in tact to avoid an unnecessary surgery.   
Pictures below.